The LGBT-Inclusion Toolkit_ Upgrade Your Acupuncture Practice v2

The LGBT-Inclusion Toolkit: Upgrade Your Acupuncture Practice

  • Are you an acupuncturist or acupuncture student wanting to expand your practice & serve LGBT patients but lack the knowledge to adequately treat them?
  • Do you feel challenged by keeping up with constantly changing terms and pronouns and have little to no experience with LGBT-specific healthcare issues?

I invite you to take my online CEU course!

The LGBT-Inclusion Toolkit: Upgrade Your Acupuncture Practice

In this training you will learn how to:

  • Increase your LGBTQ client base, return visits, and patient compliance by building your reputation as a caring, competent practitioner.
  • Create a safe atmosphere that encourages patient openness and honesty, giving you the crucial personal details you need from your patients to treat them expertly and safely.
  • Upgrade your clinic forms, bathrooms, and marketing to be LGBTQ inclusive so your patients feel welcome and keep coming back.
  • Avoid insulting language and ask sensitive health questions politely, so that your LGBTQ patients can relax and focus on getting the full benefit of your treatments.
  • Feel confident and capable of leading a respectful and smooth intake process, without worrying about offending someone or stumbling over your words.
  • Free yourself from fear and provide the best care possible in the most considerate way possible, each and every time an LGBTQ patient walks through your door.

“This class was amazing.

I may have known a lot of the info going in but I didn’t know all of it! Katrina is very knowledgeable, compassionate, and well-spoken. I definitely want to take Levels 2 + 3. We need more work like Katrina’s in our profession. Thank you!”

–  D e n i s e  C i c u t o  L A c,  A l a me d a,  C A  –

“It is so important to understand our potential blind spots and take responsibility for not letting them impact our patients.

Katrina took us through specific scenarios and slowly built up our vocabulary. She helped us past our assumptions and the misconceptions and outdated terms that are easy to get confused by, no matter how plugged in we think we are. I really appreciated how much time she spent helping us figure out simple and concrete ways to improve. We looked at best practices for intake forms and examples of how to respectfully but directly conduct diagnostic questioning with LGBTQI patients… Focusing on “women’s health”, but wanting to avoid alienating or ignoring women who are also trans felt like a minefield before and while it’s still complicated, I have some ways forward now. I feel more confident about truly welcoming LGBT patients into my practice and look forward to learning more with Katrina in the future.

–  S h a w n a  S.  –

“Katrina has been at the forefront of acupuncture and integrative medicine for the queer and trans community for as long as I’ve known her.

She was always the “go-to” person for information in how to best support the LGBTQ+ community with acupuncture and herbs. Her education and skill in creating hormone balance and promoting optimal reproductive health goes beyond that of your average acupuncturist – she is truly among the best.”

–  M.  J.  –


  • 4 hours of videos that teach you the language, concepts, and tools you need to make your practice gender inclusive and have sophisticated conversations around sensitive topics with transgender patients.
  • In-depth explanation of up-to-date gender terminology, concepts, and pronouns.
  • Making your clinic a safe space, with inclusive intake forms, gender neutral bathrooms, signage, and more.
  • Guidance on how to excel at 7+ difficult conversations with patients, such as asking about menstrual cycles.
  • Take home material and worksheets for you to follow along with the videos and refer to later on in your practice.
  • Live Q&A so you can get the information YOU need to upgrade your practice.

This acupuncturist-specific training isn’t available anywhere else! Stay up to date with practices & procedures so that you aren’t falling behind & alienating potential clients.

You might not even know how many patients you are losing before they even walk in the door by not creating an LGBTQI-inclusive practice!

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4 Category-one CA CEU credits. Provider #1548.
NCCAOM PDA PE-CW category points pending approval. Provider #9046.

No refunds once course is purchased.

“Katrina at Prism Integrative Acupuncture has a wealth of knowledge that she shares generously.

As a transmasculine person early on in HRT, with many questions and concerns, Katrina has been an invaluable, grounding resource. She has always made me feel comfortable and I recommend her to anyone, queer, trans, cis, who are looking for a nonjudgmental, open and knowledgeable acupuncturist.”

–  H. L.  –

“I can be completely open with Katrina when I am getting a treatment.

She understands what I’m trying to tell her when I discuss my symptoms because she is passionate and informed about trans health. She has great bedside manner, great skills and calming energy. Also she has really helped create a safe space and I appreciate that more than anything.”

–  C. H.  –

Katrina is a California licensed and nationally certified acupuncturist.

“Coming out and being a part of queer community—with transgender and gender non-conforming loved ones—brought my attention to the disparities in access to safe, inclusive healthcare for LGBTQ people and I went into the acupuncture program with the intention of focusing in LGBTQ medicine.

My personal connection to queer and lesbian communities has, and continues to be the driving focus of my private practice. I love guiding patients through times of hormonal upheaval, allowing them to stay grounded despite the emotional turmoil that often accompanies times of illness. My favorite part of my job is watching people regain ownership of their healing process, reconnect with their bodies, and make positive changes in their lives.”

– K a t r i n a   H a n s o n   M S O M   D i p l O M   L A c – 

Katrina’s Oakland private practice specializes in LGBTQ holistic healthcare and transgender medicine. She and her colleague, Carlos Haycock LAc, provide acupuncture, cupping massage, moxibustion warming therapy, and herbal medicine for hormone regulation and side effects of hormone therapy, anxiety, depression and gender dysphoria, pain from chest binding, menstrual pain and irregularities, post-surgical pain, and scar tissue. Patients are primarily transgender and gender non-conforming and are reassured to find a practice that specializes in effectively and holistically addressing their unique needs.

In addition to maintaining a private practice, Katrina is also a Professor and the Director of Diversity and Inclusion at the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College, Berkeley. She teaches an eight-hour series instructing students on gender vocabulary and pronouns, western and eastern transgender medicine, and approaches for creating an LGBTQI-inclusive practice. She also teaches the faculty and staff of AIMC about working with trans students and patients, and leads a workshop for the students at ACCHS, Oakland on basic gender terminology and pronouns.


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