Growing up is always eventful and often tumultuous. For trans and gender non-conforming kids and teens, the stress and chaos can be magnified. Many studies have shown the importance of allowing trans kids to express their identities; it greatly reduces their suicide risk and imroves their lifetime mental and physical health. However, it can be difficult for parents to know how to approach this, especially when so many effects of prescription hormones are irreversible.

Prism Integrative Acupuncture provides a safe, supportive space for kids and teens to explore their identies and start the process of transitioning in a mild and natural way, while allowing parents time to adjust to these changes. For gender non-conforming or gender variant kids who may not want to transition, this can be an especially important method of exploration. Whether your child is taking hormone blockers, HRT, or nothing at all, acupuncture and herbs can help them feel more comfortable in their bodies and identities while reducing their overall risks and long-term effects. We happily work with MDs, therapists, and other types of healthcare providers to give your child the most well-rounded care possible. Each person’s gender journey is unique and our mission is to provide you will all of the available options and power to make your own informed decisions.

We also provide whole family care: sessions for parents, siblings, and other family members who may be having a hard time adjusting. When you feel supported, have less stress and anxiety, and have a space to talk about the difficulties of a child transitioning, you will have more energy and patience to support your child.

Acupuncture and herbs may help to:

  • Connect gender creative/non-conforming kids with their bodies to reduce dysphoria
  • Create space to explore identity and gender expression without judgement or irreversible treatments
  • Reduce anxiety surrounding the menstrual cycle
  • Slow a heavy flow, ease cramps, reduce PMS and bloating to make cycles more comfortable
  • Prevent spotting between cycles, which can be a side effect of prescription progesterone or testosterone
  • Calm and reduce anxiety and depression, to help improve school attendance rates
  • Smooth side effects of prescription hormones or hormone blockers
  • Reduce compression pain, back pain, chest tightness, and skin lesions from binding and gaffing
  • Reduce Acne
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Improve sleep
  • Benefit focus and concentration
  • Boost your immune system to keep you healthy through the seasons

We also treat family members!

  • Reduce stress and anxiety during your child’s transition
  • Learn more about your child’s options and what to expect


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All advice on this site and blog is for educational uses only. Always consult your doctor before taking any herbs or supplements, or schedule an acupuncture appointment with Katrina to get your own personalized herbal formula and acupuncture treatment. Questions? Check out the FAQ or resources pages or contact.