We happily work with MDs, surgeons, gynecologists, and other types of providers to provide you with the most well-rounded care possible. Whatever your concerns and goals may be, our mission is to provide you with all available options and the power to make your own informed decisions. We use a combination of acupuncture, herbs, supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle changes to give you the most effective support.

Acupuncture and herbs may help to:

  • Restart the menses in amenorrhea
  • Slow a heavy flow
  • Ease cramps and pelvic pain
  • Reduce pain with bowel movements and urination
  • Reduce pain with ovulation, sex, penetration, and orgasm
  • Reduce PMS/PMDD and bloating
  • Prevent spotting between cycles
  • Inspire a more regular cycle
  • Reduce digestive symptoms and migraines associated with cycles
  • Reduce nausea and regulate appetite
  • Regulate hormones and ease symptoms of PCOS
  • Ease symptoms of endometriosis and fibroids, with or without surgery
  • Ease symptoms of fibrocystic breasts
  • Reduce inflammation and boost the immune system, thought to be the root of endometriosis and many other conditions
  • Balance hormones
  • Promote regular ovulation
  • Manage acne and other symptoms of hormone imbalance
  • Support blood sugar balance, which is affected by PCOS


Endometriosis is a disease that affects 1 in 10 people who menstruate. On average, it takes 7-10 years for a person to receive an accurate diagnosis of endometriosis, and even after diagnosis, treatment options are limited and come with a lot of side effects (5). Acupuncture and herbs provide support to these western treatments to reduce side effects and improve success, as well as an alternative to more invasive western treatments in some cases.

Newer studies are supporting that endometriosis is nearly always tied to significant immune system dysfunction and chronic inflammation (1, 2, 3)Short term inflammation is essential for keeping us healthy and safe from infection. With endometriosis however, the immune system isn’t actually able to clear the lesions, but it continues trying, leading to chronic inflammation (5).

recent study shows that there is a strong correlation with endometriosis and “leaky gut syndrome”. Leaky gut contributes even more to chronic inflammation, and to the digestive symptoms of endometriosis. Endometriosis is also an estrogen dominant disease (4), and estrogen dominance further contributes to chronic inflammation.

Luckily, we can work on all of these issues with acupuncture, herbs, supplements, diet, and lifestyle changes. Call 510-394-2743 to set up a free 15 minute consultation to see how we can help you.


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